Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Marae trip writing

Marae Trip  19.3.15

As we went past the windy and bumpy road we entered a  magical Candy land  Marae …. Just kidding, we entered a Marae. First we got welcomed into the wharenui, after the powhiri Rosie gathered us up and we filled our tummies with some food.

We got ready to play, as it got darker I I was ready to pounce and do Ti Rakau with Rosie. Within minutes, we finished up and we had lunch. Meanwhile our little buddies left. Later, Troy’s  whanau class and poutokomanawa bunched up for afternoon tea. Line by line we crept. Into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of fruit and a treat. Once we finished, we wrote in our Marae Diary.

 As the sunset we had some tea not real tea, dinner tea and we finished up with dessert and we headed out to the bathroom to get ready for bed.  The lights went out as soon as you know it.  With a flash, and as soon as you knew it, it was pitch black.

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