Monday, 24 August 2015


This is my writing about a myth that I came up with here you go!!!!

It was a beautiful summer morning and Lucia was playing in her backyard.  Lucia is a very fancy girl she is fussy with food and likes to sing but she is not the best at it. She was playing in her backyard when suddenly she discovered a tiny door that lead her to a 'Dream World' where what ever you think of comes to life. As she entered the dream world she noticed that the ground was made of candy floss, it was like pink and blue soft fluffy clouds. Lucia couldn't resist, she started picking candy off the road and it lead her to the fierce kings palace. As she approached the palace, she saw a crowd of people gathered in the palace court yard. They were listening to the king give his orders. The king didn't like strangers coming to Dream World and announced that all strangers would have to leave before sunset or they would be struck there FOREVER and imprisoned in the dungeon. When Lucia heard this she was RRRROOOOAARRRRing to get out and she wanted to go back home but the palace was so big that she could not find the way back. Time was ticking and Lucia wasn't happy. She searched and searched then finally, she found a door, she didn't no where it would lead her but she was desperate to find a way back to her mansion. She tried to open the door but it was locked. At that moment she remembered seeing some keys in the kings pocket, at that moment an idea popped into her head. She decided to sneak up to the king while he wasn't looking to take the keys from him. Once the king was not paying attention Lucia stealthily removed the keys, unlocked the to door to find the exit high way. Lucia was overwhelmed with excitement and knew that she would never go back to dream world again. She swept her hand across her head and said, "What an adventure".

This is my plan and a drawing of Lucia 

Monday, 10 August 2015

My reading plan - We read "Castles and Knights".

This is my reading plan we have to make a model from the story we are reading. This is what I want my model to look like😊

Thursday, 6 August 2015


This is my inquiry and these are the books that we have been focused on 
This is the culture that we are learning about
This is my group researching 

Two stars and a wish

Here is my two stars and a wish hope you like it


WALT Solve “How many equal sets of ?” problems by reversing multiplication facts

Yesterday our I first problem was...
Rosie has 18 dresses and she wants to share them equally into 6 drawers. The children used the counters to work out how many dresses would be in each draw. Everyone chunked and checked which was great. They found out it was 3. I wrote down what the equation would look like:
18 ÷ 6 = 3
6 x 3 = 18

We carried on this activity today but this time we said that Jamie had 24 birds and he wanted to share them into 6 cages equally. Caid put 4 in each and said he knew that 18÷6=3 so he added one more counter to each cage to get 24. Logan and Jhaz both said that 24 was an even number so they wanted to start with an even number like 4. I wrote down what the equation would look like: