Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Mystery writing

My goals!!!

WALT write your own mystery

Success Criteria:

Make the story exciting - by adding juicy, descriptive words,
Plan - use a variety of planning tools, like mind maps and story mountains etc
Plot - you need to know what's happening next
Clues to make it a mystery
Problem - to be solved
Beginning - draw the reader in by setting the scene - crime scene
make sure it's in the right order,
Characters - investigators, culprit, (the person who committed the crime), suspects (people you may question about the crime that may have been involved)
need to be ordinary people
solve the mystery

My mystery:

"It was an ordinary day for most people, but for the Bedford family there was something going on fishy their house". So dad came out with all of his detective tools, Ella had never seen that side of dad before. Dad begins to see specks of cookie drops on the ground "splat" the cookies are so wet and soft, that when mum steped on one it split into pieces. As the Bedford family got closer they notice that there were foot prints and they were a small foot size. Ella was a bit worried and started to feel gality. But then just remembered that she had already had her cookie this morning so it wasn't her then they heard crunch and a munch aha it is... "The dog" the family says with confused faces the dog made crumbs that lead to the toilet now the cookies are flushed away. Gosh we better get this place cleaned up said Ella with a squeaky voice, mystery solved shouts dad.

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