Sunday, 6 December 2015


Students,teachers,and whanau thank you all for coming. If you don't know who I am my name is 
Peara. I am here today to speak the truth and take you on a journey through my school years.

On my first day I was so nervous my heart suddenly stopped I was as stil as a statue. As I carried on walking water was dripping down my face and no it was not sweat YES I was that afraid and nervous, tears were pouring down my face. But fear turned to relief when I saw Elly was my teacher.

As the next year came by I was more excited than ever because my new teacher FIONA she was such a good teacher. The two years I spent in Fiona's class were really rewarding. The years flew by. I could have stayed in her class for another year,or more.

Year 3
Year three was pretty special because I won the junior axel cup of 2014 and Chris was my first ever male teacher In history Chris had really good ways of learning maths as It came to the end of the year it was pretty sad because Chris had to leave to teach in feliding 

Year 4 
Well year 4 is one of the best years of learning in my life I have come so far, Rosie is my teacher now and she is doing the best she can do I just wanna say thanks Rosie you inspired me to be in Poutokomanawa for the rest of my school years. My maori tikanga, Reo and manakitanga has improved beyond all my expectations 

Thanks to the two Whaea and Rosie 

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